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Our Favorite 2022 Fashion Trends

After the last couple of years, fashionistas everywhere are ready to get back into strutting their stuff. However, the increases of remote work and home-bound living have left a mark on the world of accessories and attire, and the popular fashions nowadays highlight a marriage between being comfortable and always being ready to break away and party. 2022 fashion trends tap into the optimism and hope of moving beyond the challenges of this modern era, as well as scream that it’s time for people to be seen.

2022 Fashion Trends for Clothing

The runways this year have given everyone the opportunity to dress out or stay chill and casual. Many of these trends allow for both day wear and evening wear, and you may see some not-so-subtle nods back to popular styles of yesteryear. Here are the top trends in attire for the year.


Although you may immediately think of Halle Berry in Catwoman, the modern catsuit is a far cry from the leather and chains of Batman’s mysterious partner. In fact, the catsuit made an unexpected move on the scene, but there are plenty of people thankful for its rising popularity. This surprisingly versatile piece has options in formal wear, casual environments or the workforce. You can find stylish ensembles sold under the name bodysuit, jumpsuit or playsuit.

High-Neck Dresses

The oversized neck might make you think of elementary school uniforms with turtleneck tops, but these dresses are anything but childish and unflattering. You can take a simple, fitted turtleneck dress and create something sleek and elegant when paired with the right accessories. High-heeled boots, statement jewelry or detailing around the neck glam up this dress. For something more subtle and comfortable, pair the dress with a pair of flats. Adding texture and design to a pair of flats will help give life to a simple dress with minimal color.

Micro Blazers

Though oversized jackets still have their place in fashion, the micro blazer is a hot item for 2022 fashion trends. These are tight-fitting, short jackets that pair well with skinny jeans, skirts, shorts or full-cut trousers. If you do plan on sporting this look, don’t pair it with a bulky top. It can cause the material to crease and gather in a potentially unflattering way. Try pairing it with a thin dress shirt, tee or tank. Opt for an oversized jacket if you’re working with a thick fabric top.

Oversized Shirts

People found out that they really enjoyed being comfortable, and the trend of oversized shirts shows that you can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Although it might seem like this trend faded out during the late '90s, it has been recreated for 2022. While worn for comfort, oversized clothing also makes a big statement, helping people regain their confidence as they move about the world.

The shirt dress is still wildly popular, and it doesn’t have to come in a midi length. Floor-length shirt dresses are impressive and have so many options for accessorizing or adding layers to create a unique but classy look.

Mini Skirts

The fashion world is saying goodbye to the midi skirt, which has seemed to dominate the scene the last few years. Now, for the 2022 fashion trends, it’s about going to the extremes with length. Most popular is the mini skirt, with the micro-mini being the most mainstream. It does take a lot of confidence to show that much leg, but towards the fall, you can make the exchange a little more subtly when pairing it with knee-high boots.

There is still room for the maxi, although the move is away from the A-line hippie movement and towards a sleek, retro tube style that ends near the ankle. For each option, the goals are slinky and slimming rather than voluminous fabric.

Rave Style

One of the hottest new trends is the rave style. It’s moved past the runway to the must-haves for celebrity closets. For some, this has individuals wearing more revealing clothing, but the basic fashion tip for this trend is to keep it quirky and colorful. You will see a lot of psychedelic or neon prints, cutouts and wild sunglasses. The trick is to think of an all-night party from the '90s. This gets you headed in the right fashion direction.

2022 Fashion Trends for Accessories

In addition to clothing styles, there are several accessories that have found their way into popularity this season. Mix and match your extras to perfectly pair with your trendy outfit.

Chain Belts

Another look back toward the '90s, chains and links are showing up everywhere. The chain belt is extremely popular, with belly chains making a fabulous statement against a long knit dress or when used to accent a crop top. Body chains can also be used to accentuate a casual bralette or to add a chic design to a bodysuit.

Brightly Colored Bags

Many of the 2022 fashion trends are all about big and bold, and colorful bags bring this vibe when accessorizing. Forget the muted browns or black that are safe with every outfit. Go for bold, rainbow colors in oversized shoulder bags or casual handbags. Bag embellishments are also highly desirable, as shiny things are also seen all along the runway. Outfits and accessories with sparkle and shine are sure to be fashionable.

Work Shoes

Just as many of the other things in the average wardrobe are getting a lift and going big, you will see this same trend with shoes. An oversized silhouette needs a shoe that can create the height and dimension to balance it all out. Lace-ups and chunky loafers are providing the volume needed without compromising on the classic shapes seen in the workforce.

Shop the 2022 Fashion Trends

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